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1 in 3 people across the world - that’s around 2.4 billion - lack access to a toilet*, costing thousands of children their lives every day through preventable diseases.


Camps International has built more than 135 toilets and their Healthcare Programme has treated almost 30,000 people in need.


*, 2016


As many as 2.2 million children each year die from preventable and treatable diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia because of inadequate sanitation or because they are too poor to afford proper medical treatment. 


Our global sanitation project has built more than 135 toilet blocks and washing facilities across Africa, Asia and South America. We want to ensure that every one of our schools and communities have access to proper sanitation to eliminate diseases caused by poor hygiene.


Although many governments have initiated school feeding programmes in the poorest regions, there is usually nowhere to store, prepare and cook food safely and hygienically.


School kitchens provide an essential service. For many children a school lunch will be the only meal they will get each day. However, food preparation and cooking facilities are usually woefully inadequate and unsanitary.


Camps International has built 20 new school kitchens and dining areas as well as installing 2,000 fuel efficient stoves in schools and homes. These stoves are a much cleaner, safer and healthier method of cooking compared to the traditional three-stone method, reducing the risk of burns, eye and respiratory diseases associated with smoke exposure.


Since 2011, Camps International's healthcare outreach programme has helped 27,000 people in Kenya. They run regular clinics, giving the poorest and most isolated communities an opportunity to receive free medical care and support. We also strive to improve medical facilities and foster skills and information exchange between UK medical professionals and regional clinics and hospitals. 


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