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Lower Kinabatangan Rainforest Regeneration


The jungle bordering the banks of the Kinabatangan River is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, home to nine species of primates including orangutans and endemic proboscis monkeys, and a host of other wildlife including pigmy elephants, clouded leopards and wild cats. Yet it’s also one of the most degraded and logged areas in Asia, putting many endangered species at the imminent risk of extinction.


Batu Puteh is a community run initiative combining eco-tourism with the protection and re-establishment of endangered forest and riverside environments, namely the Supu Forest Reserve and Kinabatangan River.


We are supporting Batu Puteh in order to improve wildlife habitat and provide vital corridors for the movement of animals between forested areas along the river. This project is also vital as it creates jobs through eco-tourism, giving alternative, sustainable employment to the community.


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