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Kaya Muhaka Primate and Forest Conservation


The coastal forests of East Africa are some of the most beautiful and biologically important areas in the world, supporting many endangered plant and animal species, making them a priority for conservation efforts. However, more than 30 million people also inhabit this region, putting increasing pressure on these precious natural resources.


Kaya Muhaka is a small area of this coastal forest and is an important cultural and religious site for the Mijikenda people. Kayas are sacred forests that historically provided resources and shelter of the village in times of hardship and together comprise a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They’re also home to a variety of wildlife including vervet monkeys, sykes monkeys, bushbabies, yellow baboons, suni antelopes and endangered species such as Angolan black and white colobus monkeys and golden-rumped elephant shrews.


Our projects help protect this Kaya Muhaka and its wildlife, whilst at the same time creating an income for the community based on sustainably using the forest’s natural resources.


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