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Children's Day Care Centre


Puerto Rico community is home to around 600 inhabitants and is located along the beautiful southern coast of Ecuador. Whilst many of the neighbouring towns and villages have a thriving national tourist industry, this small fishing village has not yet benefited from the same fortune. Most men in the village work in the fishing industry and are away at sea for extended periods of time (up to 21 days in every month). Women work either as domestic staff or as farm workers, resulting in long hours away from their home. This family dynamic is having a detrimental impact on the development and welfare of the young children in the village and is discouraging women from working, as there are very limited childcare options available. For the past few years, a number of local children had limited access to a small day care centre that was run out of a rented space belonging to one of the families. However, this facility is no longer available.


Our aim is to design and construct a purpose-built day care centre suitable for babies and young children. The facility will include all the learning resources and furniture needed as well as toilets, a kitchen, a vegetable garden and greenhouse, and an outdoor play area. 


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