Rainwater Harvesting Systems


The community of San Pablo Urco sits more than 3,000 metres above sea level and is located close to a water source from the Cayambe volcano. However, despite this proximity, the bulk of the water is diverted to commercial flower farms and areas of greater population density, leaving the community without a reliable source of fresh water.


For the past year this farming community has endured severe drought conditions, leaving them without enough water to survive. Many livestock have perished, and agricultural crops have failed. Moreover, long term deforestation in the area has reduced the productivity of the ground due to lack of essential nutrients and an inability to retain rainwater.


We are building a rainwater harvesting system in the houses of the poorest families and in the local school. We're also running an extensive programme of reforestation in the village to prevent further soil erosion and ameliorate their drought problem. There is no government funding available for this project, so the community are solely reliant on us.